Yo, just finished writing this song, which I started about 2 hours ago, and personally i'm pleased with the result. To me it sounds a bit like a cross between System of a Down and St. Anger, but hey, thats just me :P and yeah, I know it gets a bit repetitive, but hey :P

C4C :-)
Three-Dimensional Prison.zip
it does not sound like st.anger, its better, some riffs does remind me of trivium interludes
in a good way.
can you give any tips on song writing?
Hmmm, there aren't many tips that i can really give, as when i wrote it, it just sort of flowed, I really didn't stop and think, because I knew where I wanted the song to go, there wasn't really any question about it. But for me, some of the ideas in the song were out of the norm for me, because most of the time I try to make them overly complicated O_o. Being Experimental is a good thing O_o

A sense of direction and knowing some scales is also a +1
same here too i make it complicated, due to practising loads of scales and listening to malmsteen and children of bodom,
can you tell me how scales and chords go togther please?, i cant get the of it

if i play a scale or a lick in the key of D and using the harmonic minor scale, what chords go well with it?