hey u guys i really want a pedal that i can like download presets and effects off the computer to my pedal like for specific songs and stuff
I don't really see the use, unless you wanna play in a cover band.
Multi effects usually sound bad, real bad, but that's just my opinion on things.
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hey guys and try ot keep it at a reasonable price
and dont tell me that it might do it because that means u dont have it and u dont really know
Digitech's do that. So do others. I have an RP250 and it's pretty decent for $150 new. It connects to PC via USB and has X-Edit software. There is a fairly large community of ppl that create and share their presets by band, song, personal, whatever.

I personally have not downloaded someone elses stuff. I would go to digitech.com (and then some others) and look what ppl have posted. Then I would go to a store and try out several different ones.

Newer versions of these Multi FX pedals that are doing 24 bit encoding are far better than the old versions imo.

good luck
Get a pod xt.
Let's go back to five billion bpm and see how good i am.
thanks 311ZOSOVHJH ill try it, would the 150 work?
thats the one my friend has and he has all these presets that dont come with the pedal.
The boss GT series has that ability, but the GT-6 and the GT-8 don't have the usb compatibility, so you have to do it a different way, and buy a cable and use a different port and stuff (I'm not sure if the gt-6 even has this ability, I have the GT-8)

But the GT-10 has the USB compatibility, but they cost about $500 dollars because they just came out this year
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