Well, I'm saving up 600bucks for a new amp because the Spider III just isnt cuttin' it for me anymore. I need an amp that has enough distortion to play Pantera and Bullet For My Valentine. That is the most distortion i'll need. Also, keep to be good for shredding and crazy divebombs. I was thinking the Valveking, I've played it, i like it. I think I'd probably sound a whole **** load better with a new speaker or tubes. I need a loud amp cause I practice with people who play metal, I do too. But it kinda' sucks since I can only shop at Guitar Center for amps so there not many amps to chose from but this one looks the best. I need some help on which amp.
stretch your budget a bit and get a used mesa f-30 or f-50 or even a marshall jcm 900

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I dont know in the US but in the UK you can get a bugera for around that much?
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