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This guitar is in excellent condition one owner i put dimarzio evolutions in the bridge and neck new ibanez switch and pots plus some knobs etc comes with soft hardshell case 700.00 best offer
neck is in prestigious condition no cracks been in a closet for 10yrs basically
If I hadnt just bought a new guitar I would be all over that
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Pictures of the other side might help it sell a little quicker.

Good luck. That's a sweet guitar.
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can you pm me or something? Really looking to buy, and yours is a perfect example, pretty great condition. However, i dont have the cash to shell out for that, and to be honest 700 is pretty steep, although yours is in great condition. If you had a 500mxx in DY i think it would definitely hit over 700 though. Pm?
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what is a 500mxx???? and I have sold 2 of these before un modded in crappier condition for between 600-750 and shipped to australia and greece so it really depends on the Ibanez enthused collecter ya know still dont know what a 500mxx is
sorry mang. I meant 550mxx in DY. I'm sorry man, i currently only have a standard fat strat on me. How low would you be willing to go? Are other trades such as additional pedals accepted as well?
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name a price Ill say yay or nay plus need to know where you are at so i can understand shipping
wel..i live in california if that helps. Do you think you can list a price thats decent and we can work our way down from there?
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Hey Dave, im going more or less to a small retreat up on the mountains for a couple of days..ill reply back as soon as i get home, but ill probably most likely contact you on monday eastern time. Also, nice Asic running shoes in the picture. Haha

Ill contact you on monday, or today if you reply fast enough before i leave.
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if you were in ontario, i would offer 500$ cash.
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hmm :/. 500 is a little steep for not trying to sound ungrateful but believe me im very grateful that i stumbled upon this thread thanks to Pablogilberto. Is there way we can go any cheaper? if not, do you accept cash + equipment and gear such as pedals or such? Thanks a lot man.
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forget it im not getting ripped off on this guitar 600.00 is a steal for this shape model and condition of guitar Id rather keep
0.0 alright i got you. Sorry i meant 600 on my other post. So 500 is definitely a no? Anyways so no equipment trades plus cash? Would it be cheaper if you took out the evos?
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sorry, but cash is a really heavy burden on me right now, and I'd like to save what i can if it was unnecessary. What kind of shipping are we talking about here?
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Quote by StratoHamster
are we still ok for $600? Or are you going to keep it?

no 600 is the lowest shipped i can go ...this is the last year of the square heeled wizard necks so this condition its worth more ya know... 600.00 shipped
alright thats good. Um how much time do you think you can give me to gather the money?
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uhh somewhere around this week. Maybe even in a day or 2 if im in luck, but probably somewhere around this week. I cant tell from the pics, but is the lo pro in cosmo black? In your other picture it looks like some sort of strange copper color. Is everything original except the pickups and the pots? Thanks man
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sorry for the late response...Is there anything else i should know about the guitar btw?
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lol wthh.soon enough, im collecting all my money. thanks for putting up with me this bargain. how long does the shipping take?
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no i still have it when can you pay I can ship saturday fedex shouldnt take to long from topeks ks to chicago
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