Hey here's something I've been working on. It's basically a metal piece, nothing too fancy. I'm trying to make some of the transitions smoother, so if you guys have any tips on that, that's cool.

Other than that, crit 4 crit

Firstly, manly instrument colours .

I really liked the first three themes. Like a lot. Something about them made me think of vampires, Romania, and castles.

The transition at 27ish could've been better. Good riff. I liked the combination of riff/metal styles in this. From symphonic to gothic to black to melodic death.

The technical bass bit was cool, but I did not like the sudden stop to the solo. And, not to sound like a douche, but measure 60 was a wee bit short (like by .022th of a measure).

Great song, a few weird bits, but mostly great.

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Didn't know you had a song =O. I really like this , intro very nice and melodic then got really heavy. Just what I like. The solo also wasn't just mindless shredding, it was also melodic and very catchy, making full use of rhythms.

Good job...My sig doesn't lie. Haha
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hi there , thanks a lot for your crit , i appreciated it very much

now to your song ,
1 to 11 is really nice , good classical stuff , maybe you could end in a different chord but thats ok it just sunds a bit strange to my eyes

12 to 16 has potential but theres clearly missing some base and the drums are a bit boring

20 to 27 , i don't know what has happened here but this part seems to be completly out of key , maybe you could change a bit of the leads to make them fit to the chords

28 41, nothing special in here

42 to 44 is cool

the chords in the base solo seems a bit of key again , i do not really understand ehy there is base in one part of the song^^

solo is very shreddy and wuite boring i think , sorry to say that but from bar 64 it sounds reaallly cool

the outro reminds me a bit of rammstein *lol*

all in all cool song , if you pack some work in it it will get really good , maybe you could also add a chorus or something similar

6/10 in this state