What is the best recorder to use with the TonePort GX? I'm getting this soon to record some simple guitar songs but this version does not come with Albitron Lite 7 so i need a freeware recording software, any recomendations?

By the way i have Audacity on my computer, is that good for recording? Currently i'm using that to edit audio...

Thanks in Advance!
Audacity's ok, but not really good when multi-tracking. Kristal's a thoroughly competent multi-track software that can handle VST plugins like software synths and compressors. It's a nice start until you can get higher end stuff like Reaper or Tracktion.
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Wow, Kristal looks a lot better than Audacity, so when i get that how to i make it record my gutiar since it's in the USB slot, also can i use the effects from Gearbox to record with? Basically what i'm trying to say is can i do this

1. Plug in my guitar to my effects
2. Plug my effects pedals into the TonePort
3. Use other effects in Gearbox
4. And finally record
okay, thanks for answering my questions, actually, i have one more...

So to make the recording thing read my guitar (not the mic) would i go to audio preferences and select the guitar? Or somewhere else?
for the toneports you MUST run Gearbox. At the left theres a selection between mic and instrument. Simply select the "instrument" input......HOWEVER on the GX there's only one input so your software will probably read from that only.

As for the setup in your OS menus you should first go into the control panel and disable your stock sound card. Then install gearbox and lastly, plug in the Toneport.

Use any software you like, I prefer Reaper.
It's not free but rather, reasonably priced.
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