I was wondering what effects pedal is being used at just about 2:00 in the GnR version of Hair of the Dog? I searched just incase it had been asked, but came up empty handed. I can play the rest of the song, and that part as well, but it doesn't sound right because I don't have that pedal.

They've got the same kind of effect in the Nazareth version too, but the GnR version sounds better IMO.
1. wrong forum
2. pretty sure its a talkbox but not positive
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They stopped asking
Yeah its a talk box, same effect as used in Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi.
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Definitely a talkbox - and they can be pretty expensive, and weird to use (it basically involves pumping your entire guitar + amp through a tube into your head and using your own throat and mouth as the speaker - suffice to say it takes a while to get used to it).

Cheaper common replacements are wah pedals, some synth pedals have a built in 'vocal' sound, on Strats rolling back the tone of the middle pickup all the way and using the full bridge + middle pickup combination gives quite a vocal sound (but none of the dynamics of the talkbox of course), or having a neck humbucker wired in reverse polarity and using the middle setting of an HH guitar with the neck tone rolled about halfway back also gives a very vocal-like sound (though like the Strat option, it will have none of the dynamic possibilities of the talkbox).
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