I have a line 6 spider III 75w amp, and it has over 150 presets. To me, they all sound the same, but maybe that's just because I'm not playing loud enough (neighbors complain, so I keep it down).

There's presets from slipknot, cradle of filth, U2, and they all sound the same, no matter what! Does the sound of an amp only come out when you're cranking it? This sucks.

If anything, the amp sounds better turned down.

How much variation can you expect from what? Like 12 amp models? Of course some patches will sound similar.
dude i got the same amp but with 400 presets and all of them are different each ajust differently ur drive ur bass ur mid ur treble ur reverb and ur effects

maybe ur amp is just broken
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dude i got the same amp but with 400 presets and all of them are different each ajust differently ur drive ur bass ur mid ur treble ur reverb and ur effects

maybe ur amp is just broken

You can't honestly think the presets are that different.

If you can tell the differents between the Slipknot patch and the As I lay Dying patch, then you deserve a medal.

A) Pedals and effects don't usually sound that great with a modelling amp such as the spider. The modelling amp takes your guitar signal, transfers it to digital and then does a bunch of crap to it so you sound like slipknot or whoever. Pedals just give that amp a signal that has already been altered.

B) His amp isn't broken. With 400 pre-sets some are obviously going to be similar.
When you're using the presets, where are your bass, mid, and treble knobs?
It's a Spider III, don't expect for high-quality presets.
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i have the same amp with 400 pre sets like geezus talked about and sure some of the pre sets sound similar but overall each sounds a little bit if not a lot different then the next.maybe you havent trained your ear enough to the point of hearing all the small tweeks each new setting does or maybe your amp is broken unfortunately
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i don't like the idea of having loads of peoples presets, i think you should go with whatever sounds good for you rather than what sounds good for someone else
I know for sure, Slipknot and 311 sounded way differnt
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Your amp is not broken, it works perfectly like my brothers. The Spiders suck more than a Taiwanise prostitute. All those presets are kind of similar, so many presets, but there are only 3 I found that I actually like.

Its also hard to find a good sound on the amp period

(and no im not speaking of the 15w amp I have, my brother has the 75w)
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my friend has one and when we play it a t 3-4 you can actually pick out diferences
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What kind of amp would you recommend for bedroom practice?

A small tube amp or a good SS amp like a cube or vox valvetronix.

Spiders generally suck. They are just popular because the way they look and are marketed highly appeal to inexperienced/uninformed buyers.
If you instist on modelling get a flextone, I have one and you can get a very very nice tone when you learn what channel does what.
It does sound a little bit diferent from a valve amp though (it pwns mid priced valves but sounds flat if you compare it to a $1000 orange or wtv)