So, i've been watching the movie August Rush a lot, and listening to guitar player Kaki King. and i'm blown away by the guitar playing in it. How does the kid (i know its not him, its Kaki King) play like that. like, how i would go about learning Kaki King's style. It sounds like some of teh hardest guitar playing i've ever heard. To hear what i'm talking about, listen to Playing with Pink Noise by Kaki King, or youtube some August Rush guitar parts.
shes amazing. i saw her live when she came out with foo fighters.

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If you enjoy that style of playing, check out 'Drifting' by Andy McKee. You won't be dissapointed.

As far as playing that way, it takes a lot of time and practice. It's defenately not what you'd call a beginner's style.
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i checked out Drifting, and you're right, it was very great. thats how i want to learn how to play. but i have no idea how to even start.
is there any beginner songs in taht style or anything?
While not totally beginner - John Butler Trio's - Ocean is quite a bit easier than anything by Andy McKee or Kaki King, in my opinion. It's has a bit of the two handed percussive tapping - but a lot of easy strumming as well. You'd need to tune to open C but it'll give you some idea of the possibilities inherent to alternate tunings.

The most difficult portion of Ocean is probably where he speeds up his picking, but if you check the tabs on here - it's nothing to crazy and you can probably get it down with some practice.
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i checked out Drifting, and you're right, it was very great. thats how i want to learn how to play. but i have no idea how to even start.
is there any beginner songs in taht style or anything?

I did trace bundy's arrangement of canon in my 7th month of learning. I would also do dueling ninjas by bundy. He has a lot of songs that would be good but there aren't tabs for a lot of them.....Also, I learned drifting about a month ago or something. I've only been playing for like a year and 2-3 months....I'm not bragging, I'm just saying with lots of practice and determination (and it sounds like you're determined) it can be done. I know those songs look really hard...but honestly for the most part it's just finger strength, and that just comes with practice.
Here are the tabs I used for trace bundy.
and here are videos to help you learn it if you want
If you want to learn bari improv (is that how you spell it??) in august rush, I couldn't find tabs, but I used this guys video and if I needed help I p.m.ed him from youtube, he was very nice
I would suggest buying andy mckee tabs from candyrat, since you get the standard notation for rhythm and all....
I feel very connected to you cause I know how you feel. After I saw trace bundy play, I really fell in love with acoustic guitar. I hope I've helped you. BTW once you get a little more experienced, you might want to check out erik mongrain and michael hedges. There style is a little more difficult than andy or trace. I still haven't managed to learn their stuff yet Have fun playing!!- emily
EDIT: The dueling guitars song in august rush, hasn't really been tabbed out or covered correctly. I sorta figured it out by ear and combined both parts for one guitar (it's not perfect, but remember I'm a begineer) I'm thinking of making tabs if anyone wants them, but I don't really know how to make tabs...So if anyone's interested in tabs, tell me and I'll try to figure out how to make them or I'll make a vid or something. Whoa, sorry guys for the long post
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For something that may be alot more familiar to you, look at Andy McKee's cover of Africa (by Toto). Trying not to age myself here...

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