basically what the topic says looking for some good alternative bands to discover/get into

i like smashing pumpkins, radiohead, coldplay, muse,
im also into stuff like u2 and pink floyd but idk if that counts...

i dont really care if there popular or not jus looking for some good bands
atmospheric music is good also

thanks for the help
thanks for the repley man ill def check them out

what other bands do you know of?
The Lemonheads, The Replacements, Bob Mould, Dinosaur Jr. Sonic Youth, Sugar, Husker Du, The Pixies, The Giraffes, Spiritualized, The Ocean Blue, Green River, Wire, Spiritualized, The Billionaires, The Ravonettes, The Kills, Modest Mouse, Keane, The Stereophonics, Raconteurs. Those are some good more mainstream alternative/indie stuff. What kind of alternative where you looking for.
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first indie band for you, my friend

is the Smiths.

Please forgive the lyricist.
i am member no. 3 of the 'coheed and cambria fan club' interested? pm CoheedANDnofx6.

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sonic youth and the pixies are amazing
also the flaming lips' earlier stuff for some really weird and awesome alt.
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sonic youth and the pixies are amazing
also the flaming lips' earlier stuff for some really weird and awesome alt.

ANYTHING by The Lips is great!
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You will probably like the Album Rubberneck by The Toadies
You'll probably like The Arcade Fire as well, and since you like Radiohead and Muse, you'll love Jeff Buckley if you don't already listen to him.
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might as well throw a Sufjan Stevens album in there too. I suggest Michigan.
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Ill agree with the fine people who mentioned The Smiths and Jeff Buckley.
Yeah I agree with Surfjan Stevens, Jeff Buckley, Sonic Youth etc.
Also check out The Killers, Franz Ferdinand and Interpol.