So, I love my HSS strat and all, but it only has 21 frets . Some of the songs I play need more than that, and my epiphone is nearly unplayable, I'm seriously considering selling it.

Anyway, I figure I might as well get a guitar with 24 frets, since it gives some more room to play. I also need it to have a whammy bar, and I would like a blue guitar, since they always look really nice to me.

I only found three guitars that fit these specs, and didn't really like the Ibanez. So the last two choices are the ESP LTD MH400 or the Jackson DKMG Dinky. I know that double locking tremolos are supposed to be risky, but I don't have anywhere near me that I could try the ESP. I'll probably check out the Jackson when I get the chance, but until then, are there any other guitars in these specs that I should consider?


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Jackson is extremely close though. It's really up to you. Both guitars freakin' rock.

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maybe take a look at a Dean Vendetta if you want the strat shape, but it will probably not even hold a candle to the jackson or the ESP
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