This is my band, I help make most of the Guitar Riffs and i play Drums, We just uploaded a bunch of new songs today

"Da Squifey Anthem" is a song about all our inside Jokes, so yea, if you understand the Vocals, you won't get it much, though it has some funny audio input thingys(i don't know what they're called) With no Drums because we made all the riffs up last night.

"Intro of Pwnage" is just 2 awesome riffs not made into a song yet. With No Vocals.

"From The Neck Up" is like are only Full song haha, yea plain and simple i love it.

and "Waste of Life" was a full song but it was hard to hear the Guitar so we just re-recored the Guitar and Drums.

btw its just a 2 Man band, like i said Me, Making say half the Guitar riffs, and Playing the Drums. And my friend Matt, making the other half of the Guitar riffs,Playing Guitar while I'm on Drums and Vocals.


So yea I'd really like to know what you guys think, If it's good, bad I don't care i just want some feedback.


Also if you like it, Don't be afraid to Add us, we usually only post bulletins when we have a new song since we don't play shows yet,
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and im realllllllly pickey so thats high praise indeed

Thanks, we're trying to do something a little different, because everyone around here is like total Deathcore, but again thanks it means a lot, check back in a week or two, We'll have the Drums to our first song up, I'll post in this thread regarding it anyway.
All right, theres Drums up on "Da Squifey Anthem" they're nothing special, but its still worth checking out, once we get a somewhat professional recording on our songs i will at least try to make the Drums somewhat more technical.