I played a Xaviere SV820 once and it was pretty nice

How about you ? What are the best cheap strat copies you ever played ?
I've heard that SX "Strats" from Rondo Music are pretty good, but never tried one out before.

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jay turser stratocaster
they are the best copy brand in my opinion

I don't know if I should laugh and feel sorry for you.

I'm just kidding.

not really.
cort stat 2t. i use it over my gibson sg and my mexi strat. i think it plays as well as an american strat. and i got it for $50 at guitar center because one of the input wires was not soldered well, causing it to crackle, which was an easy fix.
There is a Company called Kimaxe based in Los Angeles that imports excess parts from a Korean factory (Sang-Jin Industries). At that factory, they make Jackson and ESP necks, along with some of Jackson's bodies. If they make too many necks/bodies Kimaxe buys some of them for their own products

That's why my Kimaxe Custom looks like a Soloist

They make a great Strat-copy too, and sometimes one will float through Ebay for nothing because it's an unheard of name
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G&L although they can cost as much as Fenders. Still kick ass guitars, I think Leo actually had part in them.
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Leo DID have part in G&L... in fact he formed G&L before he died.
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