how long did it take for you guys for the music theory to kick in and start helping, i recently started teaching myself theory and i understand how it helps and i see it in the music pieces i listen to, but i still feel like im still doing a lot trial and error, and if anyone has any suggestions on what i should focus on to get better at more hard rock/ metal style of music that would be great. thnx in advance
really for me i played for two years just learning songs and pentatonic licks. then i started taking lessons and the theory improved my playing by a ton. was an almost instant improvement.
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Well, I've been trying to learn music theory for about 6 months now and I still feel like I'm not getting it. But then on other day's I feel like it all makes sense and I'm progressing. It all really depends on my mood I guess.
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Well, as far as playing by ear goes, you want to be able to identify each scale degree.