What is the CORRECT order for hooking up a pedal into the FX Loop?

I just don't want to damage anything, thanks!

which goes into the pedal, isn't it like this:

send > input > output > return (with a Bad Monkey pedal)


You don't want a Bad Monkey in your effects loop, believe me - I've tried it. Works alot better in front of the amp.
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there is no right and wrong. you can't damage anything simply by the order you place your pedals.

some people like the fx loop for some or all of their boxes. my setup just goes guitar - pedals - amp, all in front. now that's rock n' roll!
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The bad monkey shouldn't go in the effects loop. distortion/overdrives, wahs, compressors and a few others belong in the normal chain.
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Pyrofretnic: that's the exact answer i was looking for, thanks.

And to others, i tried to put the BM into it, and the amp got quiter and when i turned it out, it just got SUPER, and i mean SUPER!!! loud, so i just shut it off immediately. But i just wanted to see what it'd lound like through the FX loop, and i guess i didn't do it wrong, that's just WHAT it sounds like in the FX loop, hahaha.