That glistening gleaming water
oh I despised it
like a magical pool of gold
pressing on me
cracks formed
all this weight,
it's building.
tried my best
but little pieces
started falling apart
and the things that kept me together
were giving way
I imploded
and there the tidal wave went
a torrent flooded the town and its folk
I guess it's understandable that they were angry
"Crucify him, Crucify him!" they yelled
I thought that's what had already happeneed
others tried to defend me
"It was design flaws!"
"The engineers were drunk!"
one gentlemen so eloquently stated,
"Maybe he just didn't give a damn."

Love the Low end
kudos man. thats great. gnna put in song?
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Whenever I went to take a dump, I would sit on the toilet facing the tank. I always thought the tank was an arm rest so I would rest my arms on it.