Ok, not sure if album was the right word but I mean the version you get straight off the disk. Which one do you guys prefer? I like the live, especially the S&M Metallica show and the Ozzfest version of Cowboys from Hell by Pantera.
Studio is the word you were looking for, I believe. And it just all depends on the group. Some bands just sound shitty live.
Usually live.
Most live versions sound a lot different than the studio versions, and are fun to listen to because, well, it sounds live and awesome. Kind of like being at a show. Unless the band is boring and the album sounds exactly the same as the live version.
Depends. Some bands sound like **** live, some studio, some both.
Depends on the artists. For Example The Mars Volta's studio albums are amazing, but Cedric pisses me off live, he is constantly tripping balls.

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Live because it seems a lot of the show's energy travel over to the disc.
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Yeah, it depends on the artists.

For example, I love to hear bootlegs of The Doors live, Robby never played the same solo twice and Jim never sang the same lyrics twice (a tad of a exaggeration, but still), so, it's very interesting to hear what they do instead.

But sometimes, bands will take out my favorite parts of songs due to over complex machinery or brass or something. Like Ben Folds, when he does 'Army' live, he always has the audience do the clarinets, trumpets, and saxophones. Now, that's very cool for the audience members, but the studio version sounds way better with the real instruments....
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it depends on the band. Metallica's best stuff comes from their live stuff. So i prefer them live. Audioslave (who i also love) was terrible in ever live performace i've seen.
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I don't know about you, but in songs like Paschendale I like Studio WAY better.
I prefer studio albums.
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Live for sure. There's just an excitement that can't be caught on studio. There's always a chance that they will mess up. And if they do it's always fun to hear how they recover. Also live versions are usually longer than the studio versions.
It depends on the type of music.

Pop: Studio
Punk: Studio (usually)
Metal: No idea
Blues: LIVE
Classic Rock: LIVE

Bands such as the Allman Brothers (Live at Fillmore East is one of the best albums ever made. Period.) and Led Zeppelin (How the West Was Won) have absolutely amazing live albums, with songs that are usually much longer (and usually better) than the studio versions. Pretty much any genre of music that allows for segments of improvisation is better live.
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Definitely Live. Obviously, the quality will be better in a studio because of the technology, less pressure, multiple takes, etc. but live is where u get the real feeling, its raw, its like mistakes happen, but they're human. and usually on the road, the band is rlly playing, thers no extra guitar player or somethign, and sometimes the sngs are even modified to sound better cuz i mean, its like they get more time to work on a song.
live albums are better. in studio albums, there is too much overdubbing, ect, in live there is no room for mistakes. If an artist can't play a song they wrote and recorded in a studio live, then they suck. *couch* dragonforce *cough*

Edit: KISS Alive!................ best live album ever!
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I absolutely despise the bands that play their studio songs note for note live, so it's basically the same song only way shitty sounding.

When a band plays live, they gotta improvise the hell out of the song, and you know, actually be musicians. That's why bands like the Grateful Dead and Phish kick so much ass. Improvisation, baby.
Always live, shows if a band is truly good
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I think it takes real talent to have a great live act! Most bands cant pull its off! But the ones whole can, usually embrace and feed off the live energy, IMO Live version of some songs sound better! Some artist are real spontaneous live and try to incorporate new stuff into the act, try a different solo speed it up, acoustic versions.... ect!

Some bands who's live act versions sound great like Alice In Chains Live, Jerry Cantrell is great and speeds up Man In The Box, and adds extra licks in between verses. Megadeth has a great live sound, same with Muse and The Smashing Pumpkins! Nine Inch Nails is ridiculously live Trents stage presence cant be felt through the whole venue, and he gives 110% to his live shows and sounds great! When i saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the best part of the show was when Flea, John and Chad did there 10 minute jam sessions. When i recently saw the Stone Temple Pilots, the musicianship Dean, Rob and Eric had was amazing, they all seems so thrilled to be playing together again, and even weiland sounds so much better than he ever did the 5 times iv seen VR!

I could go on for a while about the amazing live musicians there are! To me its the brilliant display of real talent! Not just about what kind of BS radio single a band can make in the studio!
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live cds get mastered much the same way as studio ones
but yeah, depends on the band. lamb of god are amazing live, system of a down are funny live.
The only thing that annoys me live is sometimes you are expecting a part of the track, usually your favourite part for some reason and they do something totally different/not as good.
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I absolutely despise the bands that play their studio songs note for note live, so it's basically the same song only way shitty sounding.

When a band plays live, they gotta improvise the hell out of the song, and you know, actually be musicians. That's why bands like the Grateful Dead and Phish kick so much ass. Improvisation, baby.

Green Day's Bullet in a Bible version of Holiday sucks because its the exact same as the album. As much as the American Idiot album sucked, Holiday could have been drug out into a 10 minute solo-filled track of awesome. Instead, they play note for note and bore us all even more.

AC/DC, on the other hand, preform their best live. The energy of the crowd chanting ANGUS! ANGUS! just serves to increase the ability to listen to that song.

Metallica's S&M album is absolutely amazing if only for Battery's solo preceded by "Are you alive? How does it feel to be alive? SHOW ME!!"
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I love John Butler Trio's live album loads more than any of their studio efforts.
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Rock/Pop/Metal/etc: Studio

Jazz/Classical: Each performance is unique and a different interpretation, so I prefer the best take, whichever that is.

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