Well, these are indie rock lyrics. I think the subject is pretty obvious. Not too special or anything... At least that's what I think. it's not extremely poetic or anything (again, IMO) So, let me know what you think. C4C (leave link)

[Verse 1]
"Infernal vacations are just a follow-up of job."
I asked her if she agreed, and she just
shook her head in a sign of disdain.
A thought in vain;
importance thrown away.

[Chorus 1]
So what I mean to you, is just silence portraying words?
I lived all these three months blinded by the absurd.
Vacations mean a quick hello and a quicker goodbye;
so, may I take your body to clean up my mind?

[Verse 2]
The heat never feed my hormones properly,
it just killed my thirst of living
dehidrated across season.
Without reason
every year feels like another treason.

[Chorus 1]
[Chorus 2]
Precisely when fall comes, I will fall like the leaves.
I'll hibernate through winter and reborn at the dawn of spring;
and just like a cycle, summer will be my rise and fall;
so, let me sleep forever, once and for all!


[Chorus 1 & 2]

It's not overreacting,
I will not die because of this;
I just fall in love with every summer's kiss...

As some people in here know, I'm on vacations at a friend's house. All critiques will be returned at the end of the week. Just to let you know that I might take some time.
Enjoy everyone !
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