Ok. so there is a man who lives alone in his apartment on the 25th floor. he walks all the way down the stairs. on his way home, he will ride the elevator to the 10th floor and walk the rest of the way. Unless it is raining or there is someone else in the elevator.

Why is this?
He's too short to hit the 25 button, but can reach it when he has his umbrella, or have someone else do it.
He's a little person, and can't reach buttons higher than 10.
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now that the riddle's solved and we're on the topic of midgets, why don't we just turn this into a midget thread?

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Pshh. This jokes been around for ages. He's a dwarf and can't hit the higher buttons.
hmm, so the midget cant reach the 1st floor button?
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hmm, so the midget cant reach the 1st floor button?

Of course not, he's a midget.