ok... planning to go out of country for a while
and i've heard from various sources that guitars are b*tch to carry overseas

taking it to plane is the safest way but i know that the rules change by the hours these days
(multiple cases where people emailed their airlines to make sure that they could bring em on board but were denied at the gate)

checking a guitar is just punishing... high risk of serious damage or theft

so i've been thinking just shipping it to my destination beforehand so it would already be mailed there when i arrive (my cousin's place)

the question is, is mailing your guitar overseas any safer than checking it on flight??
some told me that it's actually safer to ship it, but i dont want to take too much risk

so i can't decide on what im gonna do... im definitely not leaving this baby here while im there for couple of months
Safer to ship.

Still risky though. I say just buy a cheapo guitar over there if you'll be there a while.
hmmm.... it's gonna be pretty hard to find one that fits me like this one though
and i don't wanna leave it unattended for months
what guitar is it?

just get the cheapest decent guitar you can and practice with that. even if its a no name strat that cost $50, you need to adapt to it. its just for practice. you have your good guitar at home safe and waiting for you.

and are you on USA? you can easily get something cheap and decent off ebay.



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