Run to the Hills cover, two guitars, for more info, read the info on the song. Crit for

NOTE::: I cannot crit if it is on youtube or myspace. Anywhere else and it is most

likely fine.

Rate it and let me know what you think!
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In teh profile, smart one.
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I actually only played guitar. The backing track's bass tone is awesome though. Thanks.

I'll crit if it's not on youtube or myspace.

How do I make it an mp3 that appears on my profile?
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Oh I feel pretty stupid now, the bass tone seemed real and prominent in most parts and since you had Cliff's solo up I assumed it was for bass. I'll crit the guitars just so I feel like I contributed something. Did you play both guitars in the intro? It sounds like theres only one, but thats just what I'm hearing. Your guitar sounds like it cuts in and out during the first part of the verse but its fine after that. Nice job on the solo and the rhythm underneath it, seemed to stay stable. The riff after that was played well, the tone just sounds a bit empty to me. As far as playing goes it seemed fine to me, I couldn't find any major flaws in it. The only thing is maybe thickening the tone, it sounded a bit empty in some spots.
I agree with Grimmy. It was all good after the first verse.
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Thanks guise! What? I love this smiley.

Grimmy: We all make mistakes. I wish it was me playing bass, lol. I should have mic'd the amp a little different, it sounded pretty good if you were there.

Djevik: Audacity's volume is Gain and Amplify (doesn't do shit). I wish I could use REAPER, but it's too complicated for someone like me, lulz.


I'm listening, and now I can safely say I'll be here all morning, listening to every one of your songs because your playing is so great. Jerk.
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It almost seems that way, cause I tried to amplify the lead track 4 TIMES and it barley camenup in volume. Then I just said 'screw it' and pushed the gain a little.
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