you can find a used mexican strat for lower than that and its a lot better
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yeah... try to find a used MIM strat
they say squier vintage modifieds are alright and that some can even match a MIM
but overall, Fender MIMs are just better instruments
Here is a good "scratch and dent" for about that price...a better guitar in my opinion.

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If you want to buy new instead of used just go for what you picked out. If it's a starting guitar for you it you probably won't ever notice the small differences between the two.

And besides, its new
you can alot of decent guitars for under 300 bucks
my friend got a cheap ltd for like 240 and its not that bad
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a yamaha pacifica would be a good starting guitar.
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The squier vintage mod series are great guitars TS try them out for yourself, ive played a few of them and very much enjoyed them, great for the price.

Also these get rave reviews if you're into teles, hardware tends to be a bit dodgey but the rest of the specs are superb.


Unless you really want the fender name on the headstock, squier do have some great guitars, some of which (for example the above) with a few upgrades here and there would easily wipe the floor with a MIM fender for cheaper.

Look into the fender lite ash guitars if your after a good fender for used instead of the MIMs, much better value for money, ash bodies, good pickups, vintage style harware.
Well, I would get it, for a first guitar it's great. And they're pretty easily modable, and they get good reviews.

So you can get a reliable new guitar or a not-so-reliable used one. Which can be risky.
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