there are a lot of haters of these amps. i kind of like the way they sound and look, but so many people on here talk bad about them. just wondering, what are the cons. i'm going to be getting a new amp (4 practicing @ home) and am looking for one in the $150-200 range. the 30r seems to be a good buy, but before getting one, what are some of you all's thoughts. what would be a better choice. valvetronix? others? thanks in advance
It's not that it's bad but the cube/vypyr/valvetronix are nicer for the money.

It's also because Orange is a big name to live up to...

If you like the sound, go for it, but please try out everything you can in the price range.
also, i'm playing classic/southern rock, blues, country, some alternative. not too much metal though
I had one for four days, and I loved it. The only reason I didn't buy another one was because it got stolen on the same day I dented the bumper on Dad's car. Guess where the insurance money had to go.
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