So i got new strings on my Fender and i went to play tonight and i was just "off"... The new strings are really slippery, plus its kinda warm, so i was trying to do solos and everything just sounded like **** cuz my fingers were sweating and i couldnt get a good grip on the strings... One of those nights where i wonder why i even bothered to play...

I always find that i have either good days or bad days when i practice... Unfortunately it seems like i've been having more bad days lol... Rarely do i have really good days where i'm "on" and everything is working right and i feel like i can take on something really difficult... Does anyone else find this happening to them? I think tiredness definitely has something to do with it b/c i never play as well when i'm tired... And tension as well, b/c i find that even a little extra tension seems to screw up my picking hand especially...
put the guitar down for a few days....
then try again.

hope it works out bro
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those are the days when I pick up drum sticks...

alternatively, just try playing something easy and fun, or jam along to something on your mp3 player or something. Have fun with it and most often you'll get less tense and be able to do what you want.
mate, i feel your pain..i have the exact same problem...mostly the whole tension thing with my picking hand..
sometimes i just put the guitar down & like that guy ^ said batter my drums to relieve some frustration & stress...
of course the more common thing for me to do is just keep on practicing like crazy for 4 hours straight whilst scrutinising little bits of my playing until i feel that i am back to where i was last session & am satisfied for the day
& then there are other times where i just say '**** this' & go & watch tv or get drunk or somethin
I think every guitarist knows how you're feeling. When that happens I just give it up for a while and go do something else to relieve the tension.
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I know what you mean. For me though, it tends to come in cycles, whereby I hit a plateau and aren't learning anything new, or don't seem to be able to, and get really frustrated. Then, out of nowhere something suddenly hits me and I start nailing stuff. So, hang on in there bud
Thanks for the replies... Looks like a lot of guitarists go through the same thing... The way i see it is that you're only as good as you've ever played... So lets say you had a really good day last week or something, nailing solos n everything.... That's your maximum potential... But i have progressed a lot in the last 8 months or so... The way i play on a "bad day" now is actually better than how i would play on a "good day" several months ago, so it's all a matter of progress. I kind of a perfectionist tho, never satisfied with my playing... It seems the better i get the more i want to keep getting better!
well sometimes i might pickup the guitar, and for some reason it just feels.......dry.
but then other times it feels......wet and i like it when it feels...wet
usually if it feels...dry then i just play eruption once or twice and then it feels......wet.
personally I've hit the buttom right now!
I've been working night shifts at a factory for a year now. I'm tired all the time and don't really feel like playing. I can pick up the guitar and play a few notes and scales and then put it down again with a sigh....

Hopefully just a phase I have to get through. I just don't feel motivated

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walk away from the guitar, for a week or at least until you start to get the "guitar jones" thats where you air pick the steering wheel of your car when you hear a song you like, or make air chords and look like you got some kind of nerve problem to non players. then you run back to the waiting arms of your sweetie who been patiently sitting on her geetar stand waitin on big daddy to come home...YEAH!!.......that `s pretty much the "guitar jones"
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