check how these sounds guys, thanks

Tighten this tourniquet the blood is flowing out
Wrenched from all that is sacred, I feel my soul
Drain From my veinss
Draining from my veins

Find life in all that’s black
Tomorrow dawns much darker
Certainty uncertain
day turns night thoughts run in reverse
Yet I still heal
These severed limbs can never hold me back
Hated fueled by confusion
I will never
Sink this low again
I will never
(Sink this low again)

Each defense falls
Must rise again anew
As you reach for me
Hold me tightly in your grasp
Ibanez RG2ex2
mega distortion md-2
Metal Muff
Marshall MG microstack
Line 6 spyder hd75 halfstack
Sonic Stomp
Schecter Damien 6