i have been thinking about up grading my mh-53 and mh100qt i was thinking of a distorion in the bridge on both with a screaming deamon in the neck of the mh100qt but im at a loss with the 2 single coils of the mh-53 i kindof want to keep the middle one the same and thought about puting a lil' screaming deamon in the mid
i know that you "cand put a corvett engine in a pinto but its still a pinto but i love these guitars and just want to get a little better tone out of them i love the tone know but i can hear where the pickups could be better so if any one has any advise drop me a line id rather not get active pickups
actives will give you the best "metal" tone, if that's what you play. EMG's sound pretty much the same in any guitar because they don't rely on the wood of the guitar for their tone. a passive pickup relys on the wood of the guitar to get its tone, so you're pretty much shooting blind unless you can find a guitar of the same wood with the pickup combo you want. as actives go, though, seymour duncan blackouts DO rely on the wood of the guitar for their tone noticeably more than EMG's.

you could put Lace Sensors in the single coil spots, they're very nice pickups and have a wide selection to choose from.
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