After glancing over a Michael Angelo video (and stared intently at Paul Gilbert's picking in another video), I finally figured out what the hell is wrong with my picking after a solid hour (or more, I didn't keep track of time) of practice.

Apparently I use my thumb's knuckle to pick with my wrist. It looks like I'm totally using my wrist to pick, but it isn't. I felt the subtle motion of my thumb moving back and forth (or pushing it back and forth) to move my pick, and looking at Gilbert, I doubt he's doing the same thing.

I kept the knuckle stiff (without unnecessary tension) and played through one of my first speed songs that was 170bpm in triplets, and played it well. Granted, I do need to practice the sweep parts, but I do feel an increase in technique.

I think it was Freepower who said that "the subtle things you do affects your playing", or something around that context. However, I do know that he did say to "break down everything to the first thing you will do", ...or something in that context... I don't remember!

Though, I just wanted to post this to help anybody that might be struggling with their picking technique and try to help them rethink on their picking, or fretting, or anything that might feel normal. You should always question your technique every once in a while and think: "Am I doing this right?" I hope that can help anybody here.

Oh yeah, and thanks Freepower. (and also MAB, and Paul)
nice one. i get what ur sayin too. i need to work on my sweeping, but my normal picking is very good i think.

i can keep up with tight galloping riffs over speeds of 210bpm but it took me ages to get to that stage.

keep it up the good work dude!
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I had the EXACT same problem. I still do to an extent,
I had a period a few months ago where I examined my technique extensively. It was deffinately worth the time. After a few months of taking everything back to the basics, I began to fly, and all the things I used to have trouble with came by easily. Probably time I have another look at my technique...
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