ive been wondering what type of guitar to get for a while.But should i just get a guitar thats under my price limit and just put some new pick ups in it or get a new guitar and keep the pickups. i play mostly metal and hard rock but i want it play clean. my price limit is 300 maybe even 400. also if i do change pickups should i get a pickup for distortion in the bridge then get one for clean in the neck or what.

P.S. sorry for the nooby questions and poor grammer,punctuation and spelling.
Super Distortion in the bridge. Guitar doesn't matter.

/of thread.

No seriously though, try and find a well rounded pu for the bridge... the neck pu shouldn't be set aside for just cleans. Also, there are literally dozens of threads per day with the same situation you have. Just a thought.
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GOD...yea dude you should totally get the RG theyr the best guitars in the world

on a serious note
dude go on ebay and get yourself like a kramer or somthing, just look on ebay you never know what your gonna find