when im picking like a tab i tend to grab the high e string with my ring and pinkie finger ( not while playin rhythm )

Is this normal? should i like try not to?

also does anyone else ever wonder if they look like a spazz when playin guitar? sometimes im so focused i wonder if im like sticking my tounge out or something
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does it mess with your playing?
sounds like a bad habit... if i were you i would try to break it because it could cause problems with playing but im not sure....
If not playing the high e i lay my pinky on it, i dont "grab" it though, but it does no harm so long as you aint sounding the note while doing it... or trying to play that string while doing it...
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Yea I have that little pinky problem too. My pinky likes to curl around the high e string lol.
I dont think it really matters, not many people notice unless your playing in front of a large crowd. If YOU think its big enough of a deal then you could try not to do it but dont let it effect your playing. Comfort is very important when in comes to playing.
Yeah I had the same, especially when I just strarted playing.
I don't think it had qoncequences for my playing or anything, and now that I'm a little better, I tend to do it less often.

But hey, I'm not a teacher, and I teach myself the guitar so it could be I'm wrong. Just that it didn't do me any harm.
I just noticed im pushing my wrist in against the guitar above the pick up too..

i probably look like a fag playing.
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^I've been told that leaving your wrist on the guitar while playing could lead to carpal tunnel syndrome in the long run due to the angle of the wrist. Basically it makes moving your wrist/fingers really hurt.
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Pinky and Ringy sometimes sit on the humbucker or the metal casing around the humbucker. . . . Either that or my hand is anchored to the bridge piece or tailpiece(if my hand slips) Those are the places I would suggest you to start using, that way it doesn't interfere with your playing.

As far as that causing carpal tunnel, you are supposed to do it. . . that's a big thing in guitar, you want to be steady and controlled and play fast, you definitely need your hand anchored for control. . . . . so on that note, in the state of california the surgeon general states that anchoring your wrist may also cause cancer. Basically, I'm saying that one is crap, even if it held truth, most guitarists don't care about the detrimental effects of drugs, alcohol, and unprotected sex with strangers. . . . now they will care about the detrimental effects of playing guitar?
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