I'm a bit confused, but what are the differences between the Pod X3 and the Live version? Is one better than the other? My understanding is that the Live is a "floor" model.

Thanks to those who could clear this up and give me a bit of background on these processors.
pod x3
pod x3 live
and pod x3 pro

are all pretty much the same.
My understandings are that like pod x3 is hardest to switch between effects, especially if your playing live. You might want to check the specs to see if it can connect to the line 6 shortboard or any other line 6 effect switching unit.
X3 live is the floorboard, making it very easy to switch but also a pain to carry around.
X3 pro is the rack version. You might want to ask someone else about the difference in rack because ive never owned a rack. I just know that you also have to switch effects with an external footswitch with that thing.
Either way. Line 6 rules. They are going to become very big
Basically the X3 Live has foot switches so you can turn effects on and off easily in a live setting.
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they all have the same amp models and effects and so on.

the X3 is the small, "home-studio" version.
the X3 live is the multi-fx pedal version, which contains all the same features, and variax connectivity (so you can trigger patch changes on the variax as well as the pod, if you have one)
the X3 pro is the rackmount version, which is intended as a professional studio amp, or for use in a professional live environment where the guitarists use rack gear, as functions can be triggered via external midi devices.
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