Microcastle is the album of the year, no ****. Listen to "Nothing Ever Happened" and tell me what you're hearing isn't the Daydream Nation of the 2000's. And the dude gives away enough mp3 demos and unreleased stuff through his own blog to justify the amount of overblown praise that pitchfork and just about every tastemaking music blog heaps upon him daily.

Dude is as talented, purposeful, prolific, ugly, and queer as hell. Microcastle is the best album in a very, very long time.





Deerhunter is pretty awesome. So is Bradford Cox. Microcastle is also pretty awesome. Awesome.
"I think of punk as being a queer thing. It’s ambiguous. I can say,' Punk is queer.' It’s a queer concept. And you can say, 'What do you mean by that?' And I will say, 'I don’t know.' I can be accused of sloganeering. [But] it’s a concept that I feel strongly about. Why is punk queer? Well, it is to me because I had a queer impulse from early adolescence. On a simple level, it takes balls to face that impulse. You’re designed to think it's unnatural or something. I think that punk rock is unnatural. It’s going against nature.

Like hippies, who I grew up resenting ... a lot of the reason I resented [them] was because I was a sickly kid, and nature treated me pretty poorly. Nature f*cks up constantly. Kids are born without limbs. Kids are born dead. Nature is not a perfect thing. I don’t believe in putting your faith in imperfect things. Punk to me was rejecting that. ... It’s a little bit nihilistic. It feels comfortable. And it’s a big loud distraction that keeps you safe from self-doubt. It makes free expression seem valid."

i was pretty sure i started a thread about them a while ago...

anyone heard Weird Era Cont.? i was on atease when they figured out that he screwed up and left the link to his mediafire folder in his blog. i almost downloaded it, but i didn't because i would have felt bad being that Bradford already gives away so much and if he didn't give it away intentionally, he must not have meant to give it away.
it is a-ok. my thread is over a year old.

so, is microcastle that great? i have only heard a few tracks on it and from what i remember only one sound super convincing.
well it took a while for it to catch on for me. and i already had cryptograms and it had never bowled me over (though maybe i just didn't put enough time into it). but when i was listening to it for the fifth or sixth time, everything just suddenly clicked, and I latched onto the songs in a really distinctive way that only happens with really great albums-- like how you can't imagine "loveless" or "daydream nation" or "in the aeroplane over the sea" sounding any different than they do, down to the smallest detail, just because of their enduring manner of connecting with you whenever you put it on... i honestly think that microcastle might be one of those albums.
ack! when 2008 is remembered Microcastle will be the album remembered with it.
check out Cryptograms and the album Bradford released as Atlas Sound, Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel. both of them are spectacular.
microcastle is so good.

i have cryptograms, too, which is also very well done.
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I saw them live a little while ago and they were the loudest band I've ever seen. Louder than Lightning Bolt. Bring earplugs.

They were awesome though. Totally worth seeing.
I saw these guys live touring with NIN (it was my bro's birthday present, I'm not a huge fan so I'm not overtly biased) and I must say I wasn't impressed (of Deerhunter). Am I the only one who seriously feels this way?

This was back in August and I hadn't really planned on listening to their album which is getting praise left right and centre, I read the Pitchfork review and it still hasn't really turned me on. Am I missing something? I'm guessing they're just not my taste.

EDIT: Sorry if this is a zombie bump, I didn't feel like making a new thread just to bash a band that everyone loves right now.
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did you give the album a listen? they take a few really solid listens before they click, or at least Cryptograms did.