I have a gibson sg which is really weird because my friend has a fender mex strat and the strings on his guitar feel really loose and the action is really low but when I try and lower the action on my gutiar I just get buzzing... any helP?
you might want to check how straight your neck is.
If you let it go for awhile your neck can bend in or out quite alot.
Pick your guitar up by the neck when its lying on the ground and straight down your neck from the headstock looking down towards the bridge and youll be able to tell if the neck is straight or not.
you might not want to adjust your truss rod by yourself, it really isnt hard but you may ruin your guitar.
If you do decide to you can look up how to do it on yahoo
not a expert in this but, I think you may have set it to low for your guitar. But Since i have a tune-o-matic bridge also, might wanna take it to a shop. I'm sure some here can help you.