I could swear I heard EVH himself in that first one. I dig flanger, man. Reminds me of the old days...

And keep working on the heavy metalic riff. Sounds good. Combine that with a few different changes and its a song!

BTW, do you play with a drummer or programmed drums?
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I have a couple friends that are drummers, we're still working on a beat for the metallica like riff.
Loved the Van Halen riff, it sounded massive with the flange going on. I could definitely imagine that on its own beign and intro to a song with the bass, drums and vocals then coming in around it. Would be very cool to hear it finished as a song.

Metallica one sounded cool as well although sounded like you were using a bit too much distortion or your level was too high when you recorded it and that made it sound like it psiked a bit. The riff itself is good though.

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Nice the VH one is great, just need something over the top of it now. Flanger is sexual.
Metallica one is good to, again needs something over the top, gets a bit boring quickly, and as the other guy said the distortion or level maybe a bit ****ed.
Cheers for your comments on mine too!