I've been at it for 2 weeks? I've learned Orchid by Black Sabbath, and I wanted to know if you guys can recommend me some easy fingerpicking songs, but not to easy. Thank you
Classical Gas...not easy, but the intro is pretty easy
Stairway to Heaven Intro
Behind Blue Eyes -Limp Bizkit
Nothing Else Matters (it's classified as advanced but its not THAT hard)
ummm Here Without You - 3 Door Down
Lonely Day - SOAD

EDIT: You might wanna move this thread to the acoustic and classical guitar section. You might get better responses coz fingerpicking is more common on classical guitar, not so much electric.
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Behind Blue Eyes -The Who

Corrected, Limp Bizkit cant match the original!
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Sultans of Swing?

you can play that with your fingers? man.... I don't even think its a finger picking. thanks anyways guys.