So I have a 15w Fender Blues Jr. tube amp and I really like the sounds I can get out of it, but I think I want something bigger and more gig friendly. I was thinking about a half stack, but if there is a good combo (like the hot rod or something) that you guys would recommend I would go with that. I like the Fender sound I think...I want my guitar to sound like a mix between Coldplay and Spoon (if you guys listen to either of those bands). I have about 600 dollars to spend (including the 200 or so dollars I would get selling my Blues Jr.). Any help is much appreciated.
A tube combo seems like a nice bet if you just want a bit more power for gigging and like the tone you have.
I've heard that the blues deluxe is better than the HRD though..? Not sure, never actually played one.
A 40W tube combo will be as much as you ever need though. Short of playing an open air festival without being mic'd which, lets be honest is as ridiculous in idea as it is in principle....
All I can advise you is not to let all the fanboys try to sell you a Peavey Classic 30.

I played a Blues Deluxe in a store once, and I quite liked it...too bad it cost too much. How about looking used?
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Ya I am looking used...thanks for the help guys. I wasn't sure if I would ever need some big halfstack or something like that haha.