What song should i practice? I wanna be better like most of you guys here. As of now i can kinda play My Curse by KSE and Nothing Else Matters by Met. So yeah, guys please give me advice. I want songs that are pretty easy and something that would help me play better. so yeah.. ty
so yeah... search bar ftw?

theres lists of things you should play for certain levels.
An obvious one would be 'For Whom the Bell Tolls' but the easiest song I know is Links 2,3,4 by Rammstein and the solo (If you could call it that) is easy and fun.
I found an incredibly cool and easy song called "Searchbar"...

But I feel like being nice today; I started out on Black Sabbath's stuff. Most of it's pretty simple, sounds good too. Also One by Metallica is surprisingly easy apart from the last solo, which is easy initially; the 1st few bars are a great place to start tapping.