I have an Accutune tremolo on an old guitar I got the other day. It is missing the clamps for the locking nut, and the nut is too thin for the standard Floyd Rose. The Truss rod is right after the nut so I don't want to just install a wider locking nut. Does anybody know anywhere to get parts for these.

Also the bridge has a small opening for a tremolo arm. It won't fit the standard Fender style arm. I'm thinking of drilling it and tapping or maybe just making my own arm.
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That's why it has got sold.

lol, ya that's why I got such a good deal! Well it'll be a cool project either way, even if I have to fabricate everything.
have the same problem with a guitar i just got for $20.

for the locking nut blocks i just went to my local hardware store and bought a long piece of aluminum that was the exact width i need, cut three pieces(well, three that i kept!) and drilled a hole in them. works perfect, and the three foot piece of metal(enough to make probably a hundred blocks!) only cost me about $3.

i still can't get the stupid bridge in tune, though, so i just took out the springs and tied it up with wire for now so the guitar is at least playable!