I've played guitar for 4 or 5 years now. Recently, I decided I'd take my skills to the next level. I've been practicing solos like crazy.
I've experienced this kind of pain in my fingertips before but it's never bothered me. Now I'm just wondering what it is and whether I should let my fingers rest or keep pushing. The tips of my fingers don't hurt unless I press down hard enough on something, so it's mostly only when I'm playing guitar, but it's just like a sharp stinging sensation only in the area that frets on all four fingers. And it's not like my fingers haven't calloused over at least a little the past few years.
So, what's causing it? And should I rest my hands more?
Lower you action if possible and use fresh strings regularly.
Other than that I would suggest resting them. Are your fingers building up new callous?
If you play harder, you get "bigger" callouses. Don't know if bigger's the best word there, but it's going to hurt a bit if you push yourself, fact. I'd check it with a doctor if in doubt; wouldn't want to kill your hand off.
Well if you're playing hard and fast, especially on the thinner strings, it'll hurt a little more. Probably just new callouses or something.
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Keep playing harder and faster. Hopefully your wrist will hurt to soon, that's also a good sign. When your hand falls off, wont you be glad you didn't rest it.
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