Im not really looking for whole songs, just cool things to play. Im currently mastering the major, pentatonic and blues scales.

So any riffs or licks in these genres:
Jazz (I want to try something new )

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the lil lick that starts about 11 seconds into Last Resort by Papa Roach
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Try listening to some Led Zeppelin songs, and you'll get almost all of those genres combined into one (without the metal side though). The first album Led Zeppelin I has some great blues and jazz riffs/licks, but pretty much any of their songs have great little hook lines.
If you want some specifics though, try 'How Many More Times' and 'You Shook Me' off the first album, a great little jazzy riff in the first one, and some nice blues licks in the second one.

EDIT: Come to think of it, you should listen to some hendrix sogs aswell, as he combines rock and jazz quite well in some songs for some great riffs and licks.
Also you should try some Deep Purple if you want some good riffs, songs like 'Black Knight' and 'Emmaretta' are personal favourites of mine.
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