I'm considering purchasing an inexpensive mini acoustic, for portability. It doesn't need to be a top of the line beautiful piece of work, but certainly playable. I'd just be a beater, most likely.

Either 3/4, 1/2, or any of the smaller variety of guitars would be perfect for my use on the go. Is there any suggestions of which models to look for?

I'm open to customization as well. I'm not totally capable of big customization, but I could imagine I'd be able to do something on the simpler side (i.e. replacing tuners). If it makes it cheaper I'm all for the mini project. (:

If I'm lucky, maybe I'll find one on the labor day sale coming up at GC.... (I'd just have to convince my family to let my birthday be labor day instead of being in October, haha)

Advice please!

Thanks a whole lot for reading!
From my experience, there are a lot of good, cheap mini acoustics that are unbranded. The only thing you can do is just pick up a few and try them yourself instead of just ignoring them for something with a name on the headstock.
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Originally posted by fender1618
i would rather have a guitar in place of my organs, OR CANDY
I've got the Lil martin and frankly I don't really care for it. Don't get me wrong it has nice quality for the price and plays pretty well, but the there is not much tone projection and it's a bit stale sounding. I too wanted just a little knock around guitar, but truth be told, if i'm going camping or something and want to take a guitar with me, I grab the Esteban. Not as nice a guitar but it sounds better in those situations and I don't worry about anything happening to it.
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