I have been playing guitar off and on for a few years now, and finally I am getting back into it full force. I own a Line 6 Spider Valve Bogner Tube Amp which has a lot of great stock distortions. My question is, how do I get these distortions into my computer for recording? I know I can buy expensive Mics and Midi Interface's, but is there a cheaper way to get direct sound into my computer without having to spend 600 plus dollars on expensive gear? I have been messing around with Sony Acid Pro 8 for recording and EZ Drummer for all my Drum tracks, but all I need now is my nice metal amp distortions to Finalize my tracks. I'm a noob with this kinda stuff, I hope some of you guys can help out. Thanks -mike-
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I'd say a midi interface is the way to go; they aren't that expensive, I got a Tascam us-144 for AU$230, so if you're in the US it's bound to be even cheaper. Only thing is, if you want to record multiple tracks at one time, you're going to want to scale up, but for laying guitar tracks over digital stuff, it does the trick. I only have experience using it in Ableton Live 7, so check that your recording program of choice supports it.
First, you don't need to spend $600 to record to your computer...$200 will do quite nicely....

You need an audio interface and mic to get started.

For a mic I suggest the Shure SM57, it's very common around studio and a great general use mic.

Next you need to look into some interfaces:
PreSonus Inspire 1394 - $150
Mackie Onyx Satellite - $200
EMU 0202 - $130
EMU 0404 - $200
Line6 Toneports - $50 - $140 (depending on which you get)
M-Audio Fast Track USB - $100

I suggest the EMUs since they are 2.0 USB and if you dont need to record more than a few mics you dont need to get into firewire although the Inspire 1394 is a nice little interface.

If you have a keyboard you want to use to trigger your software drums or anything on board MIDI in your audio interface is a nice feature. The 0404 offers this.
however MIDI is only data, not audio so it's not a must have thing...

Lastly, look over my sig. I have some videos here at UG to help everyone out as well as a link to Tweak's Guide.
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First off lets be clear about what you'll need. NOT a MIDI interface. You need a recording (or audio) interface. Have a look at the the PreSonus Inspire and the M-Audio Fast track. You can pick those up refurbed for around $100. Grab a Shure SM57 for around $100 and you have exactly what you need to record.

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Thanks a lot guys..... I appreciate it. I think I might order online, because every time I go to guitar center those guys always talk me out of buying what I originally went in the store for, and I end up leaving upset. Ill order online Thanks again.