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So I wanted to find out if you people are really happy with your guitar or guitars. Are you in love with it or are you sorry you bought it?
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I'm happy I guess.
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I only play a 50€ acoustic and haven't touched my electric in 2 month, and my guitar amp is in 4 separate pieces

and I've somehow got 10000 posts on here

I wouldn't say I hate it, but I've been dying to get a new one for ages.
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I got a crappy walmart guitar and i still think it's the best thing I've ever bought for myself.
Hooray for music.
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It's my amp I'm not happy about.

This, but that will be changed in the next few months hopefully.
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It's my guitarIST I'm less than happy with...

But my ESP, while disgustingly overpriced, is a thing of beauty.
I love my guitar. I don't think i'll be wanting to get a new one anytime soon. Darlin' did me good.

But, yea. I need a new amp too.

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Wrong forum. Good idea, but bring it to the guitar forum.

And yes I'm happy with my guitars.
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Kinda, liek my guitar works fine and it doesn't have any problems but it's only a strat copy...I'd like something more "professional" I guess is the word for it, like a real strat, a tele or an LP
my ibanez is soo hot i wanna have sechs with it all night and i would definately call it in the morning for coffee
I love all mine, especially my Explorer. I regret selling my Flying V though, but it helped pay for my car, and I'm gonna get a Gibson V in the near future so i guess it's not the end of the world.
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Wrong forum. Good idea, but bring it to the guitar forum.

And yes I'm happy with my guitars.

This thread is about bass guitars, electric guitars and acoustic guitars. Everything in general, so i decided the pit would be the best place for it.
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Quote by metaldud536
It's my amp I'm not happy about.

Same here, lol..Ibanez starter amp = God awful.

looking to get a roland microcube though
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Same here, lol..Ibanez starter amp = God awful.

looking to get a roland microcube though

Yeah, i have a Microcube. I recomend it. Its a great practice amp
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meh, sorta. I like my LP but it's got epi's ****-tastic pickups and my amp which is basically an MG in disguise.
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Lately my only electric guitar, my Ibanez 321's pickups are sounding pretty **** and the guitar has developed a horrible fret buzz issue.
I really need to get a new better guitar. But i just don't have the money for it yet...

My acoustic is decent but its got a really hard action (you've really gotta push down on the strings and it sorta hurts your fingers) and has a bit of a fret buzz issue too... But its doing better than my electric.

On the whole i need new and better guitars!
My old washburn is okay, but my new schecter is very nice.

I need a better amp though. The old crate 15 watt doesn't exactly cut it.
hell yeah it does its job and much more
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Fuck no!

The guitar I have now is the first electric guitar I got; I need a new one desperately.
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All of my acoustics are great, I have to admit. But my electrics can be tiring. My Gibson's still a great guitar, but I really want a new guitar, seeing as I've never had one.

I've always had used/hand-me-down guitars. I should be getting a PRS SE Singlecut early next year, though.
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Quote by madbomber233
Yeah, i have a Microcube. I recomend it. Its a great practice amp

he speaks the truth. MOAR FROM N00B WE MUST HEAR...

Seriously though, the MC is a dang fine little practice amp.

On topic: I do like my guitar, I did have 2 others, but I sold them to pay for the one I have now.
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I definetly love my guitars. Each has little things that occasionally bother me, but isn't that just the way it goes?
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I'm pretty happy with my guitar, it's still my first one, but it suits me fine, but recently I have my eyes on a Epiphone Casino, I'm in desperate need of a Semi-Acoustic.

It's my amp that makes me cringe sometimes...2 watt Marshall amp
I'm happy with my 2 main guitars. The first guitar I got plays fairly well, but sounds as bad as I look.
But I like my newer uns.
I don't hate them. I don't plan on getting rid of my ESP anytime soon, and my Dean and Jackson on for sale up on craiglist right now. My amp is the main thing I'm not happy with right now, but that'll change soon. If all goes well, I should have my rig going good by the end of this year. Meaning new guitar (USA Jackson or Caparison TAT), new amp head (Engl Fireball, Powerball Or Splawn Nitro), new cab (undecided), ISP pro rack G and a G major.

As you can see, I still have choices to make, so I'm in no rush. lol.
I am pretty happy with them
they're both in my profile if you want to check them out
My les paul sunburst copy is absolutely perfect, well worth the 250 pounds that was paid for it, it really is top notch quality well worth the money.
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I want this...(4 string tho...) and
As far as fretted and electric guitar go however, I'm happy
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