hardest thing probably ever!


its like a game all about riddles and stuff
extremly hard
i warn you that its highly addictive!

im stuck on the last tutorial before the actuall game starts!
its very hard but fun so go play it everyone
I just got an email from the creator of the game:

"I'm writing to you because I have a request. I'm creator and administrator of Inward Hellix online riddle. I saw many entries from this site and found a thread there on your boards about my game. I'm proud, pleased and so on but a problem appears - users posted definitely too much there. I know it's pretty cool to solve the riddle among the boards with friends from forum but... they go forward and forward and old posts stay for public in Internet. And after few days/weeks/months someone types "inward hellix" into the google, finds this thread and gets the answers to the whole game. And - the game is without the sense, the player gets bored and satisfaction is lost. I had some similar situations before and I know how this effects...

So my request is: could you delete all posts from the thread [the links is https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showpost.php? p=15987082&postcount=1 ] and paste there my PM you are reading right now?
There is an official forum for Inward Hellix - www.inwardhellix.net/forum . If they want to work and think together on this riddle - there's no problem. I can make a special group for them on my forum and category which will be open only for them. They can discuss there, work together, write solutions, spoil and so on and so on... I just don't want the answers and solutions being there on the public where anyone can find them and then use to his "solving".

Thank you for your time, I would be very grateful if you do this for me and the game."

So yeah.
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