I've had an F310 for ages and it's a steel-string (DUH).
Anyways... I've been trying to play a solo or some lead lines but I don't always get what I want.

Soo.... is it true what they say? that a nylon string guitar is better for solos and lead playing? Or is that my playing isn't what it should be? I've been playing for one year and I'm a bit decent at rhythm. o.O;
An electric guitar would be a lot better for solos and lead lines.

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I also speak German, except no-one gives a shit.

Still, I'm in an acoustic band. =/
It wouldn't be right that I would play solos over an acoustic guitar. I like perfect equilibrium of to acoustic guitars playing at the same time.
Steel string would actually be better imo. Sounds better plugged in, has lower action, slimmer neck, better sounding bends(though you can bend on nylon as well). It just takes practice. Are you sure you know your parts well enough? You may be making some mistakes here and there which is why it sounds off.
Steel strings are harder on your fingertips, but nylon is easier on your fingertips, but with most classical guitars the neck is wider. Some find a really wide neck uncomfortable (like me) so it may not benefit you at all.
Electric guitars usually have thinner strings than acoustic, and its easier to learn a song on electric. But if you're going to be playing with an acoustic band, just keep practising solos on the acoustic, break it down into smaller parts until you nail it.
It is your playing that makes good lead or rhythm sound. Nylon and steel will perform equally well. Its a matter of finding which sound you prefer.