guys i need to change my knobs on my strat (vol tone tone) also the switch but i have to ask my frined to bring it from another country... he's a drummer and dont know much bout guitars... lol so i need togive him a name os he ciould ask it in the shop... so i need that things inside the guitar... like are there any packages and btw how much will they cost??

need fast help thanx
Please take the time to construct your sentences properly for ease of understanding

You are just looking for control knobs and a 5 way blade switch?

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Uhm, single coils are almost always gonna be noisy. You need to specify what kind of noise and what seems to cause it. Is the noise only heard when toggling the switch back and forth? or when you turn the knobs?
what kind of guitar is this and how old is it? It sounds like you may need to clean or replace the 'pots' otherwise known as potentiometers. Your best bet may be to look into a loaded pre-wired pick guard. check out the link mentioned earlier....Guitar Fetish, Wired Pick Guards

Actually, If I was you, I would take it to guitar shop and see what they can do, Im just not convinced that you are up to the challenge of doing all this on your own..
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