That teaches you the basics, shows you some techniques... etc
I mean that will help me play more advanced... not completely just for beginners that's really easy, but something that covers ALOT when it comes to bass playing.

I have many on guitar. with riffs that are good for stretching your fingers on the fretboard...etc and using the right hand, finger tapping, sweep picking...etc many techniques like that!
But i'm realy interested in the bass now, and would love to buy some good books similar but for the bass instead.
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"Complete Learn To Play Bass Manual" By Stephan Richter

This cool Swedish guy

He taught me for a few months

a little hard to understand his accent, but his book is very easy to follow and shows you alot of cool things

ie tapping, left hand slapping and my personal favorite name The Cross Hammer!

Good book easy to follow

I use it to teach my students

who are complete beginners by the way
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As most of the regulars know, I'm a bit of a music book *****, so if you need more suggestions, either post back in this thread or PM me.