Im wondering if the schecter c-1 hellraiser is a versatile guitar, would it manage clean to metal good or? Would a blackjack ATX with SD blackouts be a good choice also ? Or is the hellraiser with emgs better? Or is both of those pickups bad for playing for example guns n roses or acdc?
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bit too much attack for classic rock, but it does provide great tone. Gain on the amp needs to be a little bit less than usual though. Active pickups drive the amp earlier

A great guitar!! I'm gonna be getting one eventually ^^
I got one with the split coil humbuckers and I LOVE it. With the single coil mode the cleans lose that darkness that reg EMGs are known for on cleans.

Only thing is i wish i got the string through instead of the FR but whatev
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from a rhythm stand point, the c-1 classic with the seymore duncans will do ac/dc nicely. as will the duncan designed pups on the c-1 elite. imo they are set up better for classic rock than metal.
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