so i have a Boss GT-8, but it's hard to get a good sound of it, and it takes a lot of time to get a good effect.

i like muse and nirvana the most, so should i sell my Boss GT-8 and get some "real" pedals?
That's up to you, but why not just learn the GT 8? I've had my POD for over a year and still finding things in it.You'll end up spending alot more with individual pedals to get the same versatility. Individual pedals may sound better once you move to a tube amp, but seriously you'll probably have more problems figuring out a huge pedal board if you don't learn the basics anyway. But if your going to stick with just a few pedals it will certainly be easier. I personally won't give up the versatility until I have 8 or 9 pedals.
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I say yes, the Fuzz factory is AWESOME.
If you dig Muse, you should definitely add the Fuzz Factory to your arsenal.

I'm a major proponent of individual stompboxes. I like different brands for different effects. There's a particularly wise variety on things like OD and fuzz. But there's no harm in building it one pedal at a time. Pick out the effects you like on your GT-8, and try out individual boxes that do the same thing. I don't think you'll have much trouble finder higher quality and/or simply a better sound for you by going the stompbox route.
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