Please come up with a band name for my band the winner will get to be my friend and i will tell all 44 of my friends about you and to add you so your profile views go up!

- at least 150 profile views already
- Band name must be appropriate
- Band name must be for rock genra not like a jazz or blues name.
- Must be at least 10 poeple who gave me a name so tell all your friends to.
- Thanks

PS: If you win you will be notified by me. If you do not win you just wont be notified.

Thanks and come up with some good names!
Duh. What else am i supposed to give you? Money. Being popular is a pretty big thing and hard to get on here. You will probably get into the 5,00 views from this if you win...
Yes! Virtual popularity! I'm going to be an e-celebrity! omg!!!
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I see from your profile that you are a small child, so I'll will be nice to you and ask that you close this thread, to prevent yourself from getting warned or banned and having the metal forum dislike you.

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I do wonder what the music will sound like if you can't even think up a name for your band. I'd recommend discussing it with your bandmates or just throw a bunch of words into a hat and pick a few out if you're struggling this much.
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