Is there any way to get that whammy bar sound without a whammy thx.
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You mean a divebomb sound or just using a whammy in general?

If you just want a whammy sound, I have a Boss Super Shifter and with the right settings you can make it higher the pitch or lower the pitch at a certain speech so its like a whammy.
The only way to sound like a whammy/tremolo bar is to have an insane vibrato or know how to bend your neck the right way. You can also try and bend the strings behind the nut. A whammy is more of a pitch shifter than a whammy bar. Not to mention they really don't sound like a whammy bar imo.
This calls for the epic video on Youtube.
If you only want to do something like subtle vibrato on a whammy bar...

Imagine you want to play a note at the 12th fret of the D string...press down at the 11th fret, and prebend up half a step. Strike the string, then release the bend and rebend it.

That would take some practice to get right, but it works. It's just a lot easier with a whammy bar.

You could also grab the body and the neck and bend the neck a little bit...you don't want to break the neck or anything, but you can do it this way too. You're not going to get any divebomb noises or anything, though.
Whammy pedal = active pitch shifting, not a whammy bar substitute. Sure, the Digitech has a "divebomb" feature but is just a -3 octave shift, and doesn't offer an authentic divebomb sound. Most of the artists who use the Digitech Whammy use it for other things, like lowering their guitar to bass levels (ie - Matt Bellamy) or to have those whacky +1 octave (Jack White) or +2 octave (Tom Morello) solos.

I'm pretty pumped to receive my Digitech Whammy in the mail though...supposed to come either today or tomorrow, can't wait!!
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The whammy pedal just makes it sound like a squeek. I have it. It's really weird.